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Artists in Canada Pension Plan Works For Me

As an independent artist Bonny Macnab is working towards making a full time career and living from her art practice. As talented as she is, she knows she needs help in planning her future. Treating her Art practice like a business is the first step, with a business plan and regular courses and workshops on Grant writing and opportunities to show and sell her work.

Having expert help in planning her retirement years, yet knowing she will probably never really retire, gives her an tangible and realistic perspective of what she can expect later on.

She has chosen to have a a small regular amount withdrawn monthly and placed into her (fixed) Artists in Canada Pension plan. This is hers alone and she will receive the tax benefits for each year she contributes.

The SPP manage the pension for our artists and understand Artist's income fluctuates, so you can choose making contributions as you have the funds. For AIC to make contributions to your plan upon making a sale for you, you must be a paid member.

Shortly, Artists in Canada will be helping sell artist members artwork and will contribute to that artist's Pension plan. See details about this on our site.

On behalf of Artists in Canada I encourage you to sign up today, you will be thankful you did.

Paul Constable, Director Artists in

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Artists in Canada Pension Plan Works For Me -

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