Delta Art is home of the TOP GUNS handles a full line of airbrushes starting with Harder & Steenbeck, Sparmax, Paasche and Iwata. Harder & Steenbeck adds a whole new meaning to the term "air brush": The brand new Evolution ALplus is Harder & Steenbeck's first airbrush made from aluminium, giving it an almost airy weight of only 56g, just about half as much as a traditional airbrush. And its design is striking as well, with a stylish matte black finish accentuated by chromed open needle cap, cup, lever and centre ring. The Evolution ALplus is available as a solo model with 0.2 mm fine line nozzle set and 2 ml flow cup and as a Two in One version with an additional 0.4 mm nozzle set and 5 ml flow cup. Other than that, the ALplus has all of the Evolution CRplus models' tried and tested ergonomics, features and functionalities. Fine line nozzle sets 0.2 and 0.4 mm color cups 2 ml & 5ml ALU Eloxal black PTFE seal. Give us a call and or online. Address 11116-120 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5G 2X8 Phone: (780) 455-7983 Toll Free: (888) 455-1606 (Outstide Edmonton calling area)



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