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Dwight Baird

In the early 2000’s, Baird put his watercolors aside and since this point has been working solely with acrylic paint on wood panel. This major shift inspired a colorful series, “Contemporary Nudes” - paintings based on figure drawings of live models. This shift also coincided with Baird’s first visit to Havana, Cuba. This trip became a springboard for an extensive collection of paintings which continues as the main inspiration for his work today. Working in acrylics, Baird has developed a unique and exciting new style of contemporary realism. His broad, impressionist strokes combined with specific detailed areas and his dynamic use of light, color and composition have become the signature of his work.

Baird’s new subject matter has resulted in an extensive depiction of the daily struggle of life in Cuba. This Cuban work can also be seen as a historical documentation of a country anchored in the past but now on the verge of dramatic change. With over two hundred completed works, “Cuba, si!” is the definitive collection of Socialist Castro era works. It is one artist’s pictorial rendition of a unique time in a very unique country...

Dwight Baird exhibits in many of the most prestigious art festivals and has won numerous prizes for his work. Baird lives and works in Montreal.

For inquiries and to see more of Dwight's work see his website link on his Artists in Canada profile page or email Artists in Canada and we will connect you.


Dwight Baird - Country Blue, Havana Cuba, acrylic on wood panel -

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