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Jan Corcoran

Jan Corcoran seriously admits, "I am a Doodler!"

"My art is about my passion and expression of doodling, allowing the inherent ability of a line,a shape, or a colour to give voice to complex dialogue and relation with the painting. I paint to music, all kinds, that brings an intensity and energy that seems to take on a life of it's own within the work."

Jan Corcoran is a contemporary artist who works in mixed media, oils, and acrylics. Working from observation, memory and imagination, Corcoran finds a rhythm with the materials that allows her to give free rein to those internal forces. Jan lives and works from a group studio in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Jan has had numerous solo shows and group exhibitions.

For inquiries and to see more of Jan's work see her website and Instagram link on her Artists in Canada profile page or email Artists in Canada and we will connect you.


Jan Corcoran - Mixed media on 9x12inch Yupo paper -

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