ArtNow 2020

Teyjah McAren

Teyjah’s experiences, education and interests contribute to the way she creates her multidisciplinary works of art. She is curious and likes to be challenged physically, mentally and creatively. Her spirit of discovery, whether it is science, nature, astronomy, geography, psychology or music, draws her to anything new and intriguing. She loves to travel the world to satisfy her innate sense of adventure but her deepest inspiration derives from hiking in nature.

You will find that in Teyjah’s work Intriguing colors and forms are used to convey a sense of time and place. Much of her work is experimental and based on her visual and emotional observations and responses.

Title: Convergence, 8"x 10" Oil-based Alkyds

For inquiries and to see more of Teyjah's work see her website and Instagram link on her Artists in Canada profile page or email Artists in Canada and we will connect you.


Teyjah McAren -

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