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Deborah Czernecky

Have Brush Will Travel!

From the Middle East to Monet's Garden. From Central America to the Yukon and Nunavut (Caribou and wolves! Oh my! Plein Air Tip: Don't let the wildlife get between you, the pilot and the helicopter!). From the east coast to the west coast of Canada (Rocks, plains, water, trees, bigger rocks, ice and snow! Plein Air Tip: My whisky flask is one of the most important tools in my paint box. It turns out that a wee dram is a great ice breaker literally (think about recovering from painting at subzero temperatures) and figuratively (think conversation starter in a group of strange artists.)

Serious Artist Travel Tip: When asked at the airport, you are traveling with artist colours NOT paint. Even when you show staff copies of the TSA regulations confirming the legality of artist colours, they may attempt to confiscate your "paint". Do NOT use the P word! Also, it is useful to pack a copy of the relevant TSA regulations, highlighted, in your checked bags.

For inquiries and to see more of Deborah's work see her website and Instagram link on her Artists in Canada profile page or email Artists in Canada and we will connect you.


Deborah Czernecky -

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