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Arnold Burrell

Occasionally an instantaneous, unexpected awareness of fusion between the physical being and the immediate physical world emblazons itself on a permanent synapse in the mind’s eye. It is forever accessible to total recall, a molten trice when everything is enhanced, but only significant for itself.

When I first saw Arnold Burrell’s work, and ever since, I realized this happened to him continually and each work was his depiction of these flashes for others to see and interpret for themselves. As a writer rather than a painter, I saw his language of painting portrays an experience of being human, controlling the emotion, conveying it without the muddle factor.

A Burrell landscape is his truth as he saw it at the time and excluded whatever was extraneous to the essence. Also with a figure, the work handles emotion rather than surrendering impotently, with just enough divine chaos for the rhythm to catch you. Each viewer sees what he saw, but not necessarily the way he saw it—which makes any work personal for the viewer.

So I have my own ‘titles’ for each work, for what I see. Because my language is writing words and his is painting them. I see different things in the same work different days, a great similarity in all the arts. Great motivation for writing the biography-in-progress. Ellen Mackay, biographer

For inquiries about the legacy of Arnold Burrell's body of work see Arnold's website, (managed by Ellen Mackay) and his link on his Artists in Canada profile page or email Artists in Canada and we will connect you.


Arnold Burrell -

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