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Michael Brokop

Michael Brokop

Michael Brokop's creations of art are spiritual, emotional, and empowering pieces of work. He creates through the exploration of various mediums; painting, mask making, journal making, and photography. The art process for Michael is to work in solitude which delivers a venue of critique, empowerment, and community. His home studio space is where he focuses on the creation of masks and a studio space in North Battleford, as part of an artist collective of 14 artists, where he works on his painting. His paintings are created on raw canvas using encaustic wax and fabric dyes that bring out colour intensities. He then uses layers of colour and wax to create a design of contemplation with one’s spirituality and self identity. Wearable masks are all “one of a kind” made using paper-mache as a basic form and then creating a second layer over the original shape to enhance an identity.

For inquiries and to see more of Michael's work see his website his Artists in Canada profile page or email Artists in Canada and we will connect you.



Michael Brokop -

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