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A small Art purchase will make a huge difference

You have probably heard this saying many times over the years, "Your purchase will make a difference". Help an artist from your community or from across Canada.

We are now in a time where artists like many other people have lost their source of income. The Art Shows, Art Fairs, Gallery Exhibitions and Group Art Events where they would normally see you, have all closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Be assured the artists are busy in their studios using this time to create and post on their websites.

As an artist myself and director of Artists in Canada, I truly believe the small cost of purchasing a piece of art not only raises the spirits of the artist, but also puts those funds directly into their pockets and they in turn put it into the local economy shortly there after. Most artists have little or no financial security as they are generally contract workers that depend on selling their art to make a living. Just so you know, artists generally don't qualify for EI and many don't qualify for the Covid-19 Aid package.

Artists are a generous and proud bunch that support community initiatives like charity auctions for local hospitals, medical and cancer research initiatives and fundraisers for food banks, mental health, the homeless and many more by donating artwork that they normally would sell to make a living. Now is the time to show your appreciation for all they do for you and your community.

Take some time to look on Artists in Canada by your city or region and view the art available through the artist's website links. It will be the way of the world for the next while, so enjoy the art viewing and we at Artists in Canada will be working hard to bring even more art for you to see in the future.

100% of all sales are with the artist.

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Paul Constable, Director



If you are an artist, add your website for free. Join as a member and sell your art in our Canadian Art Sales Gallery and from your Profile Page we give you, pay no commissions.

A small Art purchase will make a huge difference -

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