Ann Brooymans Donald





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               Instagram: ann_donald






1998-2022                         Numerous Art Workshops and Conferences including AP Studio Art (Toronto, Vancouver),  

                                           University of Saskatchewan Community Arts Classes, Emma Lake Artist Workshops,

                Clayworks Classes, Hues Art Classes, and Saskatoon Potters Guild.                    

1996                                   Reading Recovery Specialist Training and Certificate Diploma, Child Institute, Toronto

1992                                  Bachelor of Education (Primary-Junior and Visual Arts Specialist), York University

1989                                   Doctorate of Education (began course work), OISE, University of Toronto

1985                                   Masters of Art Education (Concordia Fellowship), Concordia University

1983                                   Bachelor of Education (Senior-Intermediate) (Honors), University of Western Ontario

1982                                   Diploma of Fine Arts (Netherland Government Scholarship), Enschede, Holland                                          

1981                                   Bachelor of Fine Arts (with distinction, Gardiner Award), Mount Allison University





Sept 2016 – Present.           Actively Painting in Studio on 20th (Sharing studio space with 9 other working artists)

Jan. 2021 – Present             Active member of Riversdale Clayworks Collective Pottery Guild

Sept. 2021 – May 2022       Early Literacy Intervention Tutor, Saskatoon Public School Board

Jan. 2022 - April 2022         Facilitator for Education Practicum Students, College of Education, University of Sask.

Sept. 2004 - 2021               Visual Arts and Graphic Arts Teacher at Holy Cross High School

Sept. 2004 – 2021              Advanced Placement Studio Art Drawing and Design Teacher at Holy Cross High School

Sept. 1998 -2013                Art Education Sessional Lecturer for Ed. Art. 311.3, 331.3 and 431.3, University of Saskatchewan

                                             (summer and evening classes, usually 2 sections per year, consultation with Peter Purdue)

Sept. 1999 - 2004                Visual Art and Graphic Arts Teacher at Bishop James Mahoney

Sept. 1985 - 1998                Art Teacher and Art Consultant with the York Region R.C. School Board, North Toronto 

Sept. 1982 - Current            Art Education Instructor for a Variety of Art Galleries and Museums:

                                              Mendel Art Gallery, Montreal Museum, Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, London Regional Art

                                              London Children’s Museum and St. Thomas Regional Art Gallery. 

Sept. 1996 - Current             Member of Various Arts Related Community Boards including: Toronto Regional Children’s Museum,

Saskatoon Children’s Museum, Ontario Society for Art Education, Saskatchewan Art Education Collective, Saskatchewan Art Education Association, Canadian Society of Education Through Art     



Publications, Awards and Grants



October 2021                      Canadian Art Educator of the Year (Grade 9-12) 2021 awarded by Canadian Society for   

                                    Education Through Art

June 2021                      International Art Education Conference Speaker on topic: “How Art Teachers Handled Covid in

                                    North America” – One of 3 speakers, one Canadian (me), one American and one Mexican

March 2019                    Teacher’s Federation Bulletin – Article Describing results of grant results for

                                    “Understanding Reconciliation Through Art”

January 2019.                     Publication for Student Art Show called “Homeland” at University Snelgrove Gallery

Sept 2018                      Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation Grant – “Understanding Reconciliation Through Art”

October 2016                     Images of Artwork Published in CARFAC Annual Journal and Newsletter

October 2016                     Sask. Art Educator’s Provincial Award given by Canadian Society for Ed. Through Art

June – October 2016         CARFAC Juried Provincial Mentorship Exhibition in Saskatchewan

Sept. – June 2016             CARFAC Art Mentorship with Graham Fowler (University of Sask. Prof.) through CARFAC

June-Oct. 2013-2015         Canadian Co-Curator for International High School Student Exhibition in Tallinn, Estonia,

                                           event took place on October 24-October 28th, 2014

October 2012                     Organized Holy Cross HS Student Exhibition for International High School Exhibition in Estonia











March 2022                    Broadway Health Collective, Saskatoon

July 2021                       Calories Restaurant, Saskatoon

June 2019                      Calories Restaurant, Saskatoon

Jan. – April 2017                University Faculty Club 2017

November 2014                  City Perk, Saskatoon

July, 2014                        Calories Restaurant, Saskatoon

April, 2012                           Stall Gallery, Saskatoon

October, 2007                  Calories Restaurant, Saskatoon

October, 2004                 The Gallery at the Frances Morrison Library, Saskatoon

September 2000              St. Thomas More Gallery, Saskatoon

Time taken to establish art teaching and art consultant career in Toronto and raising a family of two children

October 1983                  Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario

September 1983              St. Thomas Regional Art Gallery, St. Thomas, Ontario

May 1982                       Kunst Academy, Final Exam Exhibition, Enschede, Holland

February 1982                Verhoffe, Enschede, Holland





May 2022                           Studio on 20th Street, Saskatoon

April- May 2022                  Francis Morrison Art Gallery, Saskatoon

Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2019     Studio on 20th, Saskatoon

June 2017                      Mix Artist Collective, Snelgrove Gallery, University of Sask.

January 2017                      Sessional Lecturer Exhibition, Snelgrove Gallery, University of Sask.

February 2016                    Sessional Lecturer Exhibition, Snelgrove Gallery, University of Sask.

December 2016                  Hues Art Supply Store Exhibition, Saskatoon

November 2016                  Studio on 20th, Open Studio Exhibition, Saskatoon

October 2016                      Mix Artist Collective, Prairie Star Gallery, Saskatoon

February 2015                    Sessional Lecturer Exhibition, Snelgrove Gallery

October 2014                     Francophone Cultural Center, Saskatoon

June 2014                      Art Trek 2014, Green Arc, with the Mix Artist Collective

October, 2013                 Sessional Lecturer Show, Snelgrove Gallery

Sept. 2008-2013                 Mix Artist Collective, Many Group Shows, Gallery on 24th St.

April, 2014                      Toronto Art Expo, The Stall Gallery, Toronto

June, 2013                     Art Trek 2013, The Mix Gallery on 24th St., Saskatoon

June, 2012                     Art Trek 2012, The Mix Gallery, Saskatoon             

March, 2011                   Group Show, The Stall Gallery, Saskatoon

November, 2010              Syndication, The Stall Gallery, Saskatoon

September 2007              St. Thomas More Gallery, Saskatoon