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Jeff Dillon

#261 – Underneath Stormy Skies

A magnificent mountain range stretches across the horizon, its peaks awaiting the touch of the clouds. Through a dense forest, our gaze is drawn to a serene lake, its waters a mesmerizing shade of crystal-clear turquoise. The serene lake rests peacefully, mirroring the majestic mountains, and exudes a sense of serenity, the calm preceding a storm. Above, stormy clouds gather, their dark hues hinting at an impending shower. The approaching darkness casts an enchanting shadow upon the ground, hinting at the imminent rainfall. The landscape patiently with eager anticipation, awaits the rain, while the lake eagerly embraces the prospect of replenishment of more life-sustaining water. This artwork captures the delicate balance of nature’s cycles.

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#261 – Underneath Stormy Skies

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