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Kyla Bresch


This Painting, Soujourn, comes from the root meaning of the word sojourn, which means a temporary stay. Embedded in this painting is the word, dream, because sometimes things that are temporary feel-dream like but also because at any given moment, one can dream a new path or reshape their reality through perspective. My oldest daughter helped create the starry sky from which the dream catcher womb hangs. This dream catching womb envelopes a beginning life and for now, can protect it and filter energy. At the same time, there is a gap in this womb-like structure because there must be a journey in the process- we must wander some. There are pink waves lolling in, and human-like hearts floating above- each express a pulsing and rhythmic energy- a patterning. There are playful stars and shapes scattered throughout, giving the painting a child-like quality. I think the tone of this painting is celebratory and full of promise.

Size: 30" x 40"
Medium(s): Abstract
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  • Igloo
  • Diamond
  • Leaf
  • Star

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