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Kyla Bresch

Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe was inspired by a 2017 film called the Discovery. One overarching premise in the film is that our consciousness exists in parallel planes, and that when we die in one plane, our consciousness finds itself in another plane. I wanted to paint this concept of a side-by -side existence divided by some invisible membrane or realm. It seemed fitting to imagine beyond an earthy plane. What if conscious energy from the universe could also be absorbed into an alternate universe (s)? (Not an original thought- I know- but one I wanted to try painting). At the top of the painting, in one plane of existence, there is a black hand/claw reaching down. It’s sharp-edged with some bursts of red and shades of blue- in fact. For me, it was an alien claw wreaking havoc and causing destruction. There is also a giant whisk-like structure mixing up a natural order of living. In film, The Discovery, people begin to take their own lives in order to have their consciousness absorbed into an alternative plane—seeking a life with less suffering. The film opens this controversial concept, and it creates a powerful implicit narrative in the story. This painting, Parallel Universe seeks to visualize this film’s concept by juxtaposing dark against a lighter, brighter variation. The soft hues of pinks and purples suggest a lighter, more promising existence. I didn’t intend to reconcile this film's complex meaning, but rather to wonder further and sometimes, even still, get lost in thought.

Size: 36" x 48"
Medium(s): Abstract
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Parallel Universe

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