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Kyla Bresch

The Invocation of Fury Part Two

Process was the goal with this painting. I wanted to explore a range of emotions and also play with texture and form, but as I was painting with no direction in mind, I started to imagine how much easier things would be if I could teleport into another place—the same life, just slightly adjusted to be a life with less turbulence. And then I thought, why not use the boldest Colors possible to communicate this intense need to express the depth of frustration, of anger, and rage, even, that needed an outlet. Slashing the canvas, destroying canaries..bleeding gold. at the same time, I started with this deep mechanical center, thinking about the intricacy of the ways our lives unfold, but also, for me, thinking that there is design to living well. And if I could build a time machine to go back to the choices I’ve made I could do better. But in the end, the narrative is flawed. So as I painted, dreaming of escapism fell away, and I saw her sitting there— beautifully regal but not without raw power—the resolute kind that doesn’t give away to fear or regret. Firmly rooted in the now, caught under some kind of acid rain storm— not moving, not even seeking shelter- just looking ahead, determined but focused. There’s some dark energy brewing above her because it seems like demons are still caught up here too, so her environment is volatile. There’s this mesh weapon projecting from chest, slashes around it as it tears out of her skin. It symbolizes her fight, her heartache, and her force—both emotional and physical. And she rocks this floral dress with hints of black because Fury, like wildflowers, is vivacious and brilliant in form. She isn’t human—visible by her skeletal claw hand and her cat-like eye. She is Fury— invoked but steeled by the knowledge that the chaos of anger can be felt and transformed into a vision that sets an alternative course. But first, we must sit in the aftermath in order to engrain it into our reality.

Size: 30" x 48"
Medium(s): Abstract
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The Invocation of Fury Part Two

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