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Canadian Art Sales Gallery

This Art Sales Gallery features Artists in Canada's Active Membership who are dedicated to producing new artwork and crafts. Find Canadian art from paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolour, as well as mixed media, photography, drawings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, wood working and jewelry. Pay no commissions. All transactions are with the artist unless represented by Artists in Canada. Prices are the same as dealing with the artist.

A Breeze
Size: 15" x 20"
Medium(s): Mixed Media, Fabric, Prints
Bonny Macnab
$300 CAD

Getting Together
Size: 30" x 40"
Medium(s): Acrylic
Paulette Melanson
$1800 CAD
Prairie Flight
Size: 24x30
Medium(s): Acrylic, Abstract
Brandy Saturley
$3600 CAD
The Barn
Size: 24x30
Medium(s): Realism, Acrylic
Brandy Saturley
$3600 CAD
Modern Canadian Elk
Size: 36x36
Medium(s): Abstract, Acrylic, Realism
Brandy Saturley
$5500 CAD
Follow Your Path (in white floater frame)
Size: 14x11x0.75
Medium(s): Mixed Media, Portrait, Realism
Janna Kumi
$400 CAD
Sitka Portrait (in oak floater frame)
Size: 24x12x0.75
Janna Kumi
$750 CAD
Size: 36x42
Medium(s): Acrylic, Abstract
Jan Corcoran
$1560 CAD
Size: 30x40
Medium(s): Abstract
Jan Corcoran
$1400 CAD
In the Balance
Size: 30x40”
Medium(s): Oil, Acrylic, Abstract
Jan Corcoran
$1400 CAD