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Abstraction Art Show and Sale
June 10, 2024 - July 15, 2024
The abstract works of Myron Swistun will be on display and available through the AIC Art Gallery. A survey of 40 years of painting without direct subject matter. Thinking and playing in a mystical world. The event horizon. Creation steps into you, you step into creation. Wow. Supplanted into oneness. The artwork is influenced and connected to art history. The Regina Five, Painters Eleven, Automatistes and the American Abstract Expressionists have provided a foundation, a dictionary of visual literacy. It goes without saying, that Lascaux and Altamira lineage of 20 thousand years human beings were producing mark-making connects us to the past, present and future. All of these sources show the connection that the artwork has with the human hand and not a machine. Of a special note that arrived from a European experience like artists: Paul Klee, Antonio Tapies, and Pablo Picasso. All of the above point in the direction of the light of the Spirit. Copy /paste this link to view the interview Here's the link -