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Roberta Luchinski

Tangle Falls

Tangle Falls

Tangle Creek Falls in Jasper Alberta Canada. Painted from a photo (Doug Swinton) with permission. Unframed.

Medium(s): Watercolour
Dimensions (H = Top to bottom) X (W = Left to right) X (D = Thick)
Artwork: N/A
Packaged: 14" x 12" x 2"
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Painted en plein air at Lost Echo Lake in Narrow Hills Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada. A lone pine tree glows in the late afternoon light at Lost Echo Lake. Watercolour and walnut ink. Framed in barnboard frame. Free Shipping
Lost Echo
Roberta Luchinski
7" x 11"
Tangle Creek Falls in Jasper Alberta Canada. Painted from a photo (Doug Swinton) with permission.  Unframed. Free Shipping
Tangle Falls
Roberta Luchinski
11" x 9"
In April this river in Jasper National Park was still frozen, but had a glistening of melted ice on the surface.  The sap appears to be running  creating brilliance in the branches of the brilliant willows in the foreground. Unframed. Free Shipping
Roberta Luchinski
10" x 14"
On a beautiful fall day I stood on the banks of the Torch River in Northeast Saskatchewan, Canada, and painted as the water splashed over the rocks.  This is truly one of the most beautiful rivers in the area. This painting is an expression of the warm fall colours and the cool rushing water. It is soul food. Free Shipping
Torch River Ablaze
Roberta Luchinski
20" x 16"
Out of Rock #1 is one of a series of similar paintings of trees seeming to grow out of rocks.  Otter Lake near Missinipe, Saskatchewan, Canada is the site of this beautiful scene. Otter Lake in northern Saskatchewan is in the Canadian Shield with large outcroppings creating beautiful landforms.  I am always amazed at how trees can exist virtually soilless seeming to grow right out of the rocks. A big piece of my heart lies in the Canadian Shield. Shipping: $35
Out of Rock #1
Roberta Luchinski
10" x 7"
Painted en plein air in the fall at a  spot on the shore of Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada, "Carrot River Landing" features driftwood littered along the shore and the setting sun boldly reflecting on the water. This is a pristine spot on a beautiful lake is Saskatchewan's Boreal woodlands. Free Shipping
Carrot River Landing
Roberta Luchinski
9" x 12"
This loose and lovely painting is a playful depiction of a poplar stand in late August. The bright colours express the changing colours of the leaves and underbrush. The sunlight brings out the brightness of the white bark and creates light trails through the forest. Free Shipping
Early Fall
Roberta Luchinski
9.5" x 12.5"
This piece was painted for and accepted into the International Watercolour Society show catalogue for the 2023 show 'Stories In Light'.  The scene is a trail through the boreal forest in northern Saskatchewan.  I love the light streaming in and the shadows created by the towering pines on these trails. Free Shipping
Into the Light
Roberta Luchinski
22" x 15"
Smith Falls on the Churchill River in northern Saskatchewan is a roaring beauty.  I discovered this waterfall with friends while exploring the area north of Missinipe in Saskatchewan and it was a thrill of a lifetime existing in it's natural state with no barriers of chainlink or other man-made structures.  The roaring of the rapidly flowing water easily comes to mind when I look at this impressionistic painting of the falls. Free Shipping
Impression of Smith Falls
Roberta Luchinski
13" x 17"
This plein air painting of a poplar copse in September is mounted on a 2" thick pine panel.  Poplar leaves turn brilliant lemon yellow in the fall, and set against the blue-grey sky they are stunning!  Free Shipping
September Gold
Roberta Luchinski
12" x 9"
Brocklebank Hill is 810 metres (2658 feet) above sea level, one of the highest points in Saskatchewan, Canada.  This vista shows how one can see far into the northern forest areas from the top of the hill. The blue coloured expanse in the picture is distant boreal forest that extend for miles and miles to the north.  This painting is from a plein air study I painted on a painting trip with friends along the Woody Lake Road southeast of Hudson Bay SK.  Free Shipping
Brocklebank Hill
Roberta Luchinski
15" x 22"
This painting of Smith Falls in Saskatchewan's norther boreal forest near Brabant SK, is painted on handmade Indigo Art Paper. The paper has a very rough texture which complements the subject of the rugged landscape and roaring white water. This paper is challenging to paint on as it does not withstand some of the techniques watercolourists use, but the effect is worth the effort. Free Shipping
Smith Falls in the Rough
Roberta Luchinski
11" x 7"
This colourful autumn forest painting is based on a plein air sketch done at a crossroads in the backwoods near my home.  While I was painting, a local farmer stopped the grain truck to tell me that a bear had been spotted in a nearby grain field.  I thanked them, and assured them that I was near my vehicle and was armed with bears-spray.  Engrossed in my painting, I suddenly realized that I should perhaps check to make sure the bear wasn't coming up behind me, and found that indeed, it was lumbering down the road toward me. I did a  hasty pack up, and returned to my studio to continue my painting. I love bears, by the way, but from a distance, and from inside my vehicle.  Free Shipping
Autumn at the Crossroads
Roberta Luchinski
11" x 14.5"
Painted en plein air, this little red bridge crosses a tiny creek that many miles later flows into the Saskatchewan River. It struck me that this tiny trickle of water is part of a much larger system that crosses this vast province. Free Shipping
Footbridge at Candle Lake
Roberta Luchinski
12" x 9"
Otter Lake in northern Saskatchewan is a large Canadian Shield lake with many channels, waterfalls, and outcroppings of rock.  I am awed by the scenes that inspired Island of Rock.  The ability of plants to survive the harsh northern elements and to retain their rugged beauty is simply awesome in the truest sense of the word.   This painting is from a photo taken by me on a trip to Otter Lake near Missinipe SK.  Free Shipping
Island of Rock
Roberta Luchinski
15" x 22"