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Claudia Punter



This painting is framed 22.5" x 28.5".

Medium(s): Realism Acrylic
Dimensions (H = Top to bottom) X (W = Left to right) X (D = Thick)
Artwork: N/A
Packaged: N/A
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City and Wildlife: my hope is that more and more people feel the need of nature all around us. Canada Goose in Vancouver.
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Claudia Punter
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Great Spirit
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Claudia Punter
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Claudia Punter
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Just a Stopover
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Claudia Punter
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Powerful nature!
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The road's name from Rome to the coast is named "Via Appia". There alongside are ancient marble statues, all of them vandalized, no heads, no hands....
I set a peacock on one of the statue's shoulder, make it beautiful again, just a different beauty!
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Via Appia - Peacock
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This young black bear is going for a salmon buffet in the late afternoon. 
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Claudia Punter
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