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1 in 5 Teenagers will Experiment with Art!

Posted: December 21, 2022
The College for Creative Studies,
this excellent art and design school in Detroit, has launched one of the smartest ad campaigns I’ve seen. The objective: Get students (and parents) to consider a BFA or MFA.

1 in 5 Teenagers will Experiment with Art

It goes without saying that we have a public perception problem of credibility with being employed in the arts, especially as an independent artist. It quite often starts right at home with parents concern about the direction their children take in the pursuit of their art career. This is a justified concern by parents, as they don't want their child living in their basement all their life, just so they can do the art they want. Post secondary education is one way to develop art and business skills, which become the bases to diversify the artists choices to specialize or change careers later in life.

When is an artist considered a professional?
It quite simply starts with the artist. If the artist doesn't treat their art as a career or undertake their art endeavors in a business like manner, even if it is part time, how do you expect others to perceive your seriousness?  There should be a basic bar that should be attained as an artist for quality and it should display assurances of your dedication to your chosen art. Do you promote and support your profession? What organizations have you become actively apart of that supports your own initiatives and also offers a collective voice for your peers. Do you have a professional looking website that visualizes your beliefs?

Does it make you a better artist?
University and Art College give the artist an academic credential that widens their scope of thought and outlook with their peers, more so than just going to the studio everyday and generating art and following your social media feed. Learning how to do the business of art will always evolve and morph, so being proficient in social media for instance and other marketing opportunities are important to reach art markets. Being able to see the bigger picture of income generation from the making of art rather than living day to day should be considered. This can be selling to art buyers or curation gigs, workshops and lecturing. Invest the time, show work ethic and build a business plan for yourself – in other words show Mom and Dad how you can afford to get out of their basement on paper with facts to back it up. (They will be impressed!)
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