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  • 11th Annual

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    Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces an art call for the..
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  • Enter Paint and Sculpture Ontario

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    Paint Ontario 2020 was a huge success – many talented artists submitted paintings..
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  • National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society 2021 Spring Online International Exhibition

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    The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS) invites oil and acrylic painters..
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    The Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek strives to host thought-provoking exhibitions that..
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    Our annual winter show of large works is now on display at the..
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  • 3rd Into the Wild Quarterly Art Competition

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  • Call for Proposals: AGO X RBC Artist-in-Residence Program 2021

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    Three paid digital residencies available in 2021. Deadline for submissions: March 10, 2021 at..
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  • Call For Visual Artists-Boynes Emerging Artist Award 4th Edition

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    The Boynes Emerging Artist Award is an independent artist-run International 2D art competition..
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  • A Mysterious Attraction: A new spin on gravitational art

    Location: Port Moody, BC

    Meet the artists at a Virtual Opening Reception and tour of the exhibition. Edzy..
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  • $550.00 Innovate Grants — Call for Artists + Photographers

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    Innovate Grant is now accepting submissions for the Winter 2021 Cycle. Innovate Grant..
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Judging 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' of Art

By ArtistsInCanada December 1, 2003

} Judging "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" of Art By Paul Constable It always amazes me how much potential Saskatchewan has when it comes to creating and expressing themselves through their artwork. Again this year, I have been privileged to help jury the amateur art exhibition at the Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition. There is no age limit for entrants and no one is turned away. From preschool children to seniors who just enjoy working with their hands, this show has a potpourri of styles and skill levels. You may sneer at the thought of this art venue, just remember this well attended art show has been a corner stone for the Exhibition for over 45 years. That alone speaks of its importance. Any Public Art Gallery would be envious of the over 150,000 visitors that walk through this area in 8 or 9 days. Dora Maar Picasso Well as a professional artist myself, you would think it would be easy for me to categorize "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" from the 1000's of entries. Most people don't realize the effort and care the Art Exhibition Committee goes to in selecting jurors, categorizing and labeling each piece, all in an effort to allow for a fair playing field for all entrants. Remember the judges are bestowing an award to someone who has the perceived best work from those entered in that category. They are saying to the artists that entered and to the general public, this piece is better than that and this person is better than that person is. This amateur art show is a real feel good show. It is important to offer encouragement at all levels of development and the judges must keep this in mind. By the way, there is rarely bad art, just art at different stages of learning or unlearning. Rainbow Fish Cole Arvay (5 Years old) Picasso once said it took him 70 years to learn how to draw like a child. Unfortunately as parents and art educators we stress the wrong things in the early art development stages of our children and they forget how to show their true feelings and emotion through their work. Children usually want to please the teacher, so they set out to do work they will be rewarded by - a pat on the back, a word of encouragement or a gold star that someone else didn't receive. They substitute how they like to create with how you, the adult, would like to see something developed. This is a whole other skill development kids are quite adept at. Unfortunately, many adults don't have the ability to recognize the signs of unhindered creative artwork. It is something they have unlearned years ago. The perceptive parent or instructor should be aware, open minded and nurturing of young art development. If you are unsure about the young art potential in your home, try looking on the fridge door. Painting 1925 Miro Painting 1953 Miro Joan Miro once said, "I make no distinction between painting and poetry".... The poetic paintings of 20th century master Joan Miro (1893-1983) amuse, inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. Miro's vibrant canvases transport the viewer to alien worlds inhabited by all manner of whimsical creatures. His work has been characterized as psychic automatism, an expression of the subconscious in free form. By 1930 Miró had developed a lyrical style that remained fairly consistent. It is distinguished by the use of brilliant pure color and the playful juxtaposition of delicate lines with abstract, often amoebic shapes. Throughout his life, Miro felt a deep connection to his Catalan heritage and much of the symbolism that is so prevalent in his work is deeply rooted in this bond. I have personally gone through a life of unlearning. As a commercial artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer my career has been developed on producing saleable, somewhat realistic artwork. Even in my fine artwork I am constantly aware of its likeability by others. If this back to basics process took Picasso 70 years and Miro all his life to accomplish, I guess I have another 20 years or so to develop the skill and the bravery of truly doing art for myself and not to be concerned about what pleases others. _________________________________________________ Paul Constable is the Director of Artists In Canada. He is a Painter / Printmaker and Senior Graphic Designer for an Advertising and Communications company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is also a contributing art writer to "Life In The City" Paper in Saskatoon. Paul Constable can be reached by email HERE. His paintings may be viewed at: Your suggestions for future articles are welcome. _________________________________________________ © 2003