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Acquiring Art Has Never Been Easier

Posted: October 16, 2022

The Artists in Canada's Online Art Sales Gallery offers a wide selection of paintings and 3D art from our artist members. You have to love the convenience of shopping Online from the comfort of your home or office. You also have the opportunity to converse with the artist that potentially made the piece of art you want. This doesn't happen very often at art galleries, except at openings, so feel free to reach out to the artists listed to find out more about the art and the artist.

A varied range of pricing is offered for the gift purchaser, home and office decorator to the Collector looking to purchase an original piece of art. We have emerging to mid career and professional artists, so you know you will receive work guaranteed by the artist. For now, your buying experience is with each artist. Soon, Artists in Canada will be representing selected artist members and their art within the art Sales Gallery.

If you require assistance in directing you to certain types of art or artists you are unable to find, please feel free to reach out.

Paul Constable, Director email

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