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ArtistsinCanada Art (Facebook Group)

Posted: December 21, 2022

Join Today.

ArtistsInCanada Art is our new Facebook group created by Artists in Canada to be more accessible to all Canadian Artists, no membership required. It was started to foster communication through showing and discussing art between artists of all disciplines from all across Canada. It is a public group, so visible by everyone interested in art, but there is to be no direct selling or pricing of art, but people can contact you to purchase your art. (You may say your art is available and post a link) Since the beginning of August the group has grown to 8300 members. Join the conversation today, we would love to see your art and hear what you are doing. Meet and view the art by some of Canada's best painters, sculptors and mixed media artists.

Click the link or go to your FACEBOOK GROUP settings and search ArtistsInCanada Art and request to join. Just let us know you are an artist living in Canada and that you agree to the rules. Others may follow along, but only artist members of the group may post.

Thank you,

Paul Constable