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Posted: November 27, 2022

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Artistry Website Builder frees up the Artist to do what they like to do best – Make Art!

Times are definitely a challenge for artists these days, so take advantage of our new Artistry Website Builder. It replaces our original 16 year old website builder that served artists well. Times have changed and so have websites. We know online is the future and a professional website is imperative for communication and to maintain your personal art presence. Social media is intended to drive people to your site and generate a following.

Using Artistry enables us to keep all of our costs down. No more extra charges by website developers for making changes, adding images and doing website updates for you. When we implement an upgrade or addition everyone receives it at no charge. You can even manage your own website from your phone or ipad.

Artistry Classic is free to try. You may want to lock in this price after trying and guarantee a saving of $50.

Payment access is from the top of your admin page when you login. If you decide to become a Artist in Canada Premium Member later, we will prorate it and help set it up the marketing for you. (Portfolio review required)


Artistry CLASSIC Includes an ACTIVE Membership:                                                                             (Hosting, Website Builder, Responsive Design, PayPal, Analytics, SEO, form email, newsletter platform, add social media links – also includes a BASIC membership to promote and sell your art on Artists in Canada ($50 value), pay no commissions. 


Free Artistry Trial < Click.

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Use your existing website URL (It is not connected to internet- Eg: (  

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Step 2: A verification email will be sent to you right away. Click the blue verification.

Step 3: A PAGE will pop up, Click your URL you entered. Start building your website.



Active Artistry websites:                                                    

It is always nice to see what other artists are doing, so we thought you might like to check out a few Artistry websites.

Prairie Sculptors Association

Premium Member and Realist Artist Rick Gallant 

Premium Member and Abstract Artist Susan Lott 

West Coast Artist Stephen Dobson

Master Photographer, John Perret                        

Patina Studios & Gallery

Paul Constable  


If you have questions you may contact me. 

Paul Constable, Director