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Lawrie Dignan

Pen and Ink Drawing

Lawrie Dignan uses a stylized and a methodical way of image development to build up his surfaces. Layers of points are placed over top one another on fine art paper, using Koh-i-noor technical pens and permanent acrylic based drawing inks. His scenes of nature and natural motifs are developed into intricately designed landscape works. Lawrie’s draftsmanship is meticulous as he approaches his work with an innate ability to fully express his mood through his innovative style of pointillism, color saturation, and original composition.

• Blue Sky Fall, 15“ x 11“, pen and ink on paper, 2002. This original drawing of Blue Sky Fall is a stylized look at the Fall Season that was unfolding all around me at that time I drew it. The subtle myriad of colour blanketing the ground represents the beauty of fallen leaves and bare trees as they prepare themselves for winter.

• Barnyard Windbreak 10” x 7” pen and ink on paper 2016. Nowhere in particular for this image but many memories combined of different barnyard scenes I have come across over the years.

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Blue Sky Fall, pen and ink on paper, 2002

Barnyard Windbreak 10” x 7” pen and ink on paper 2016

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