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Fine Art Printmaking


Nik Semenoff

Master Printmaker

Nik Semenoff is a world class preeminent printmaker, but his vast knowledge of the processes enabled him to reinvented the art of fine art printmaking. His process uses no acids to etch the plate making it safer to use as well as being environmental; yet it is able to hold more detail and it is much more economical to use. His waterless lithographic images are rich abstract textural impressions built of multi-layers of hand pulled colour - one image precisely registered overlaying another, building up colour fields, some with precious metal ink inlays. Semenoff's prints are very low editions usually about 10. All proofs are on archival paper.

As a published printmaker his technologies are being used around the world by Universities and Art Institutions. He received a Doctor of Letters from the University of Saskatchewan for his many contributions to the fine art printmaking industry. Nik Semenoff has given numerous workshops in Canada and the USA as well as symposiums in Scotland and Japan.

To see how he has revolutionized the art of printmaking please see his website for instructions and details on how it is done.

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To see more of his sculpture and access his website just click the Artists in Canada link below.

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A Flower for Sydney, Original Waterless Lithograph, 22x30"

Medal 14, Waterless Lithograph, 22x15"

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