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Kathleen Slavin

New works on Terraskin

Kathleen Slavin's work became stronger after a dramatic vision change, a few years ago, that affected her depth perception, it was imperative that she discover new relationships between the paint, tools and supports. Experimentation was necessary and resulted in her art changing and growing stronger.

"My first love as a painter became the many possible means of applying paint to a surface using a variety of techniques to hover between abstract and representational elements.

I have had an independent art practice in Saskatchewan for three decades. Over the years I have benefitted from the critique from many other established artists in Saskatoon and also during my several summer sessions at Emma Lake Kenderdine campus".

Kathleen Slavin appreciates living in a country with dramatic seasonal variation has directed the inspiration and location of my work. In the summer she paints in the boreal forest, prairie vistas, and in her garden. In the winter she creates in her studio and escapes when she can to the gathering of foreign images of markets and warmth. Take a moment to visit the work of Kathleen Slavin.

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Passageways - Mixed media on Terra skin, matted , framed 18x24" $500

Shelter - Mixed Media on Terra skin, Matted, Framed 22x18" $500

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