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Bonny Macnab


Textile artist Bonny Macnab combines her past experience with two dimensional work into the visual elements of form, movement, color, and line to evoke the human experience of emotions with fiber. Silk is one of her choice fibers due to its airy movement that evokes various emotions in her pieces. Macnab is driven by the ever-changing seasons that come with each their own aromatic and sonic combination; each combination opens within us an ongoing series of memories and related emotion. Like the seeds of our earth, harvested and molded by the human hand to form functional or romantic structures; our memories and related emotions are formed and morph in the continuum of time and seasons.

Macnab’s work has acquired many awards and can be found on numerous residential and commercial walls across the globe. Her most recent project, a mural housed at the Mosaic Stadium, Regina, Sk, portrays celebration and memory. This year, Macnab has been nominated by Rivers West District Volunteer Recognition Award for Artist of the Year.

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