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Serge Richard

Installation Artist

Serge V. Richard is a multidisciplinary visual artist who graduated in graphic arts from Holland College in Charlottetown and then pursued his art studies at the Université de Moncton.

Beginning his career as a graphic designer and illustrator Serge also worked in the film and feature film industry, and at Fredericton's Theater New Brunswick, as an accesorist and scenographer, and then added manufacturing services Mascots and creations of murals.

Serge V. Richard shares his knowledge of drawing, painting and airbrush through art courses. In addition, he exhibits his work in various New Brunswick art galleries.

He is a member of the New Brunswick Association of Professional Artists (AAAPNB), CARFAC and CARCC

Please feel free to contact Artists in Canada about Serge's Installations and mural art work to request a commission.

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Internum Fortitudinem

Open Heart/ A coeur ouvert, 153 x 243 x 193 cm Wood and Metal $3200 CAD

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