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Impressionistic landscapes


Anne More

Impressionistic Landscapes

Anne More is an award winning artist. She was born in Argentina and came to Canada with a rich and creative background in the areas of visual arts, language, literature and music. Her artistic talents were recognized at an early age and in secondary school and she was invited to attend classes at the Ontario College of Art and The Art Gallery of Ontario. Anne chose to further her education at the Toronto Teachers College in 1966 and continued throughout her life to enrol in university, professional development and art courses.

In 1969, Anne took a leave for one year, from the North York Board of Education, to teach in the remote native village of Fort Hope in Northern Ontario. The spiritual beliefs of the Inuit had a great influence on her approach to learning and painting. It was during this time that she gained an appreciation for the fragile relationship between humans and their environment. The knowledge that you, "take no more than you need from the environment" resonated with Anne and was practiced in her daily life.

Presently, Anne continues to work in her studio and at local workshops teaching and inspiring painters in the community. Her foundations in education have enabled her to provide a comfortable non-judgmental environment where artists can manifest their creative ideas into art. Anne finds her inspiration from the spiritual aspects of nature and her surroundings.

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