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Abstract Artist


David Burch

Abstract Artist

Born in small town Alberta, Canada, David Burch first lived as an art collector in Toronto and New York City, and was influenced by the art museums of those great cities. He was then given the great opportunity to travel throughout the former Soviet Union in the 1990s, an emerging artist... he found great inspiration with Robert Rafailovich Falk's paintings in oil shown at the New Tretyakov Museum in Moscow.

David's work has also been influenced by Ronnie Landfield who is regarded as one of the pre-eminent abstract impressionists of his generation. David, while living in New York City for eleven years, had the opportunity to attend classes in painting at the Art Students League of NYC and had Mr. Landfield as his primary instructor.

Although David now lives in Edmonton, Alberta, he travels frequently back to NYC and concurrently still paints at the Art Students League with Ronnie Landfield. David began to paint with a heavy emphasis on idealized abstract landscapes but recently has dramatically changed with a re-evaluation of brushwork and how it accentuates color and design to create visually appealing forms. The evocative titles of each of his paintings urge viewers to see and experience the world around them in different ways.

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