Erika has been surrounded by Fine art all of her life. Under her Father’s tutelege she was introduced to the many European Art Museums and Churches. She became fascinated by the detailed paintings of the old Masters. The fascination for detail has translated itself into Erika’s paintings. Her paintbrush gives life to the image she captures on canvas. Erika has always loved to paint but it wasn’t until later in her life, after raising her family that she was able to focus on her love for art. After she moved to Canada, an art class resurrected her paintbrush. Since then opportunites have blossomed for this artist.. Over the last few years, she has been exhibiting her work and was chosen to have her painting in the 2004 Alberta-Wide (ACACA) Show that ran for two months at the Red Deer Museum She has also been asked to paint one of her lovely buffalo landscapes on the Centre of Edmonton’s Historical Carousel Project..


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