"Fire / Fuego": this dress was inspired by the reds and orange-reds that some eucalyptus leaves give. I was thinking about lava and how, after it crusts over, the movement of the molten rock beneath causes the black upper crust to crack and flames of fire lash out like tongues. 100% silk organza; Eco-dyed using eucalyptus leaves; Fabric design: Lindsay Embree; Dress design: Astri Prugger (Montreal, QU); Dancer: Lina Kazan (Saskatoon, SK). Photo: Bill Hamilton

The inspiration for the "Ancient Elements" project emerged from three seemingly separate interests: the yards of silk fabric that I dye in New Zealand using Eco-Colour Dye methods, my love of Flamenco, and my knowledge of Ancient Greek history & culture.

The silk fabrics for the four flamenco dresses were specially selected and dyed in such a way as to represent each of the Four Ancient Greek Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water; the four together make up the whole.

Eco dyed on Silk dupione, silk organza