"Water / Como el Agua"

"Water / Como el Agua" this dress was inspired by the flamenco song "Como el Agua" by the flamenco cantor "Cameron". The lyrics were written onto the fabric with a soy wax resist, then each pattern piece was dipped multiple times in a vat of natural indigo. Wax was applied after each dip in order to achieve a range of values. It took 15-20 separate wax applications and indigo dips to build up the intensity of the colour. I added more lyrics using fabric paint. Fabric design by Lindsay Embree; Dress design by Astri Prugger;Dancer: Maria Regnier (Calgary, AB). Photo: Trent Watts

The inspiration for the "Ancient Elements" project emerged from three seemingly separate interests: the yards of silk fabric that I dye in New Zealand using Eco-Colour Dye methods, my love of Flamenco, and my knowledge of Ancient Greek history & culture.

The silk fabrics for the four flamenco dresses were specially selected and dyed in such a way as to represent each of the Four Ancient Greek Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water; the four together make up the whole.

natural indigo dye on Silk Charmeuse 19mm