Lindsay was born in Goodsoil, Canada in 1956 and grew up in Chetwynd, a small town in northern British Columbia.  She moved to Kingston Ontario in 1973, finished high school there, then went on to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1981.  She moved to Saskatoon with her husband in 1982 and completed a Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1988.  As an undergraduate Lindsay fell in love with printmaking, specifically stone lithography.  She was drawn to the physicality of the process, the strength of the visual elements and the remarkable versatility of the medium.  All her work from 1981 – 2002 is multiple colour, hand-printed lithographs on paper.  In 1997 Lindsay’s work gradually shifted to include fabric due to her employment as costume assistant for a local professional theatre company (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan); she still works for this theatre troupe every summer.  Her art has been in numerous exhibitions:  local, regional, national and international. 

Lindsay was employed as a Gallery Assistant for the Saskatchewan Craft Council, a non-profit craft-arts organization, for 17 years (1993 – 2010), where she was exposed to the work of a diverse cohort of national and international artisans.  This led to her involvement with collaborative art making through the “Emma International Collaboration” in Canada and “CollaboratioNZ” in New Zealand.  Lindsay has participated in every Emma Collaboration since 1998 and every CollaboratioNZ since 2005.  Lindsay’s involvement with these two collaborative art events has had a huge impact on her current work.  She now works in a variety of media, from fibre to metal, and much of what she creates now are one-of-a-kind “costumes” and wearable art pieces.

As an artist interested costume design and wearable art – and inspired by WOW, the World of Wearable Art show in New Zealand – Lindsay decided in 2012 to become a producer of events in addition to creating art.  With her husband Arnfinn’s managerial help she envisioned, organized, funded and staged three wearable art shows in Saskatoon:  the Saskatchewan Wearable Art Gala was held in 2013, 2015, and 2017.  In 2019 Lindsay (again with Arnfinn’s assistance) produced a flamenco show called “Ancient Elements:  An Evening of Wearable Art, Poetry, Music and Dance”.  The wearable art pieces in this show were made from silk that Lindsay eco-dyed in New Zealand and fabricated in collaboration with two Canadian fashion designers.  These four artistically and commercially successful events were all organized as fundraisers in support of construction of an arts facility in the boreal forest of northern Saskatchewan (the Jack Millikin Centre Inc.).