Art Cards / Prints, Landscape, Mixed Media, Painter, Portraits, Wildlife / Animals

Eganville, Ontario

Marlene, an Ontario artist, lives in Renfrew County. She works on creative impluse and is also willing to do commission work for collectors. If you wish to purchase an artwork, or inquire about a commission,  please contact Marlene by sending an email from the contact link. 

 Her work has been commissioned by public and private collectors and she has been active in the teaching of basic art skills to young and old, in community settings.

 Working mostly in acrylics, she has completed a large body of work, on varying subjects: pet portraits, seascapes,  portrayals of military exercises, fantasy art, paddle-wheel steamers, beached boats, steam trains, pioneer homes, rural landscapes, and scenes of ancient aboriginal life . She has also produced a beautiful military print portraying a WW1 Canadian Soldier  'A Letter From Home.'










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