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Painting, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Charcoal, Oil, Canvas

Ormstown, Quebec

When Jeanne Hart is in the process of selecting a theme for her upcoming art exhibition, she selects among several topics lodged in her mind. When one subject takes precedence overall this artist develops a conception of the theme in its many facets.

Based on her personal life and long career experience, Jeanne will research the selected subject in minute details and define the chronology of events in order to present the visitors with a very interesting experience. A series of colored sketches are prepared to ensure the sequence of events.

The artist expresses her vision, her deep feelings and how she perceives life so the thematic will surely enthral the visitor’s interest. In addition to colours, the symbolic expression will project a true meaning in each of the canvases as presented.

To achieve her goal, Jeanne Hart settles down in her workshop, a mini-lab, where pigments, oils and brushes are mingled, waiting for the artist’s resolute gesture to render this project to term.

In each subject Jeanne Hart sets her heart on the content and chronology of events to ensure that all details are faithfully adhered to. The visitor’s mind will be richer with this story illustrated with multiple details.

Jeanne Hart lives in Ormstown, one of the ten most bucolic villages in Quebec.




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