Landscape, Painter, Sport, Still Life

Ottawa, Ontario

I breathe a different kind of air when I paint. When I pick up a paintbrush, I’m invigorated and feel totally alive. When I must put my brush down, I ache until I can stand before my canvas once again.

My aim is to tell a story that will reach the racing enthusiast, the car lover and the inquisitive mind that wonders why. Why do we take risks? What motivates us to test the limits of safety? Why must we go faster and farther than we’ve ever gone before?

I love the motion, speed and sound of the automobile. The history of automotive racing fascinates me. Translating that love onto canvas is the challenge I have embraced. I long to paint the things I love: the history of racing and the mechanics of the automobile. I aim to depict moments in time when people cheated the wind, faced the track and defied both centrifugal forces and mechanical obstacles. This is my passion and the impetus behind my art.


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