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Artist Members and Membership

The following artists are paid members who have their own website, but use their membership to expose and market their art on Artists in Canada.

My husband, Trevor, keeps me up to date and connected with links to my website. I am delighted to see the mini-banner and I appreciate all of the other opportunities you have been, and are currently providing me with. artistsincanada continually comes in high on my website referrers list, which is fantastic!

So thank you!

Very Best, Patricia Banks

It is one of the few memberships that I intend to keep because it has proven very useful! I have stopped doing shows in the last year because we have moved to a farm (things have been quite busy lately!) but, this March, I sold a painting because my work was found on your site!

Best Regards,

Judy Cooper

I renewed my membership for the next 2 years. I have been watching the growth of the site and am very impressed. I received a phone call from the Kamloops Regional Art Gallery last year about my encaustic paintings they saw on Artists in Canada. In the end they purchased one of my paintings. Keep up the good work!

Take care,

Beth Evans

Thank you for following up. I did not realize it was expiring and will sign up again for two years. I have had good leads. I would like to do the mini banner ad in the two year deal. Let me know what is next.


Elizabeth Hardinge

You work hard at this. I do appreciate it!
I'm mailing the cheque today.
Good to be on board.


I am impressed at your original selections of my work and I only changed the pieces that were sold. I did some update on the site and I found it relatively easy (and I am not a computer genius).

France Grice

A HUGE Thank You for doing this site, I've had some incredible results from Artists In Canada!! One being a company from Toronto buying 12 paintings at once and an Art Supply Co. from the US ... I'm now a Grumbacher Art Rep.... so ... you are very successful in promoting Canadian Artists!

All the Best,
Deborah Czernecky, SCA

I have changed a few paintings but you did a great job ... setting up is easy and looking forward to being part of this website. I appreciate all of your efforts - thank you so much! I am figuring things out - happy to be here, and thanks again

Claire Bull

Side Bar Mini Ads

I was just recently contacted by a couple interested in my work. They found me on Artists In Canada (AIC). We met, and they bought 7 of my paintings in one fell swoop! It was because they saw my mini-ad, which of course linked to my website, and the rest is history.

They also found the AIC website to be very easy to use and to navigate through.

Now that is wicked! I'm looking forward to more of those contacts!

Karen Colangelo

Personally I believe the mini ads are part of a good marketing strategy. They are an inexpensive ad that helps increase traffic to your site, especially on an online site like Artists in Canada which has a huge inventory of artists, so in order for people to visit your site first you have to be found; you’re a little fish in a big pond (I am anyway). I have been a member of Artists in Canada for a number of years now and have seen a great increase in traffic since I started subscribing to the mini ad option, it just makes good sense!

Blaine Paul Rancourt

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