Easy Website Artist Edition

Many artists use the Artist Edition Easy Website.

Here is what a few artists have to say about it.

AIC's simple web page template was the perfect option for me. A web presence is important but web design is not where I want to currently direct my creative energy.

The AIC template allows my information to be easily accessible to the public while taking minimum time for me to update or change.

Holly Hildebrand

I have been involved with AIC for ten years and have been happy with these templates. They are easy to navigate with around the site and make sense.

Andy Adach

I have been a member of Artists In Canada for several years. The website is very easy to use, update and change as required. I am satisfied with the quality of the website, and have received many inquiries and commissions from interested clients over the years.

Frances Westermann

For Several Years I have had my website with the Artists in Canada. Their Templates are easily manageable with variety, flexibility and on-going updates. Artists in Canada also offers excellent opportunity in advertisement with a wide range of Art Resources for members and non members.

I couldn’t ask for better Customer Services with very few Internet issues.

Janet F Potter

As an artist I was looking for 3 things in a website... a great look, ease of use for setup and updates and a great price....and I found it all in one place. I have my personal artist website and our gallery website through AIC and it couldn't have been easier to do the initial setup up with the straightforward templates that were supplied. You really just create the look you want with a colour scheme and galleries, upload your photos and add text, add your resume and Voila!

I like my websites to have new work and events uploaded in a timely manner for our viewers, and adding or removing images is a breeze, and it doesn't cost a dime...you do it yourself when its convenient and important to you.

There's a contact the artist function that connects your buyers directly to your own email account so there's no delay in responding to inquiries and no other email to check.

AIC websites are a professional presentation, templates are easy to use and help is an email away if you need it..... a dream to use......

Joan Bailey

The Artists in Canada website was the first and after many years, is the only site to display my work because it provides all that I need in a website. From the beginning, it was easy to use and post the images and information (the members section). The sections, artists, art, galleries, art resources get regular visits from me and the members area provides interesting info on how and on what site is being viewed. I also have had numerous contacts through the site leading to some interesting projects. All in all, Artists in Canada provides a marvelous central meeting place for Canadian artists.

Tom Smith

I have been using this website for a number of years and find it easy to navigate, also, through the contact the artist feature, I frequently receive links from potential clients and galleries.

Anthony Hobbs

I have appreciated using the artistsincanada website template, as I prefer to spend my time in the studio rather than creating and tending an independent web site. It works for me: a place to refer potential customers for viewing my art.

Kathy Slavin

I have been part of this vibrant, inspiring group for many years and have an easy Website with Artists In Canada. This one is perfect for me. I have a very busy teaching schedule and am pleased that knowledgeable web editors are on hand for my questions. They have always responded quickly and gone above and beyond to address any issues I may have had with uploading images or information regarding customer sales. I could never have reached the audience that I have reached without Artists in Canada and the new improved website just makes things even better. I am very pleased to be a part of this wonderful (and economical) organization. Thank you.

Facilitator MCC,
Lesley Schatz Miciak BFA; MEd

I have had my work on Artists in Canada (AIC) for well over 10 years. I like to control what and how people see my art and so I enjoy the fact that I can pick my own fonts and colours with regards to my page on the AIC website. I prefer a very basic structure in which to display my artwork, so I find the simplicity of the templates suitable for my purposes. If I want to change things it is easily done and does not require a lot of time. Any difficulties I experienced in the setup of my page, during the early days, were mainly due to my lack of computer knowledge. Whenever I needed help the Administration was always there to guide me through the system. My Artists in Canada webpage is used mainly to connect and interact with other artists around the world. I find it a convenient and very reasonably priced website which I continue to enjoy!

Lindsay Embree

Having been a member of ArtistsinCanada website (AIC) for thirteen years, I can attest to the ease of using AIC. Not being one to develop my own website, the templates provided by AIC have been successful in presenting my work globally. Uploading and processing the images has always been easy. Personally, membership in AIC was instrumental in my invitation to participate in the 2003 Florence Biennale. For the web-illiterate artist, I strongly recommend the Easy website template.

Mary Lou Ashton

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