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Artists In Canada Interview Marney Rose Edge

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This week on Canadian Art Today, Paul Constable welcomes the talented Marney-Rose Edge, a Vancouver-based artist whose work captures the romance and beauty of nature. In this episode (Nesting) we discuss the strength of working in a series as a body of work.

Here is the Interview.

• Marney-Rose's Exhibition, 'Strength and Fragility' Opening

June 22 in Sechelt, BC at the Arts Center. June 22 - Aug18.

Details at Marney's website -


Marney-Rose’s passion for painting shines through in her delicate portrayals of petals, clouds, and nests, all rendered with a captivating blend of light and emotion. Her mastery of both watercolor and oil paints allows her to create pieces that are rich in depth and dimension, translating her experiences and feelings onto the canvas with a palette of just 12 colors.

Marney-Rose Edge is not only a celebrated artist but also a respected teacher and juror, sharing her extensive knowledge with students across Canada. Her work has been widely recognized, featured on the cover of International Artist Magazine, and in renowned publications like the Splash series. As a Senior Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a Signature member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Marney-Rose continues to inspire and influence the art community. Join us for an intimate look at her creative process and the breathtaking beauty she brings to life in her paintings.

Posted: 2024-06-20
Location: Vancouver, BC

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