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Artists In Canada Interview Dale Cooper - Sanitation worker to Illustrator

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Join us as we explore the incredible journey of Dale Robert Cooper, an artist whose path to success is nothing short of inspiring. Born in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, in 1954, Dale moved to the west coast in 1966. His early interest in drawing took a backseat to school priorities, but destiny had other plans.

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While working for the City of Burnaby's sanitation department in 1981, an injury left Dale sidelined for four months. It was during this time that he rediscovered his passion for art, leading to a life-changing career. Encouraged by an art teacher, Dale enrolled in the Graphics and Visual Design program at Kwantlen College Surrey BC, where he honed his artistic skills. Over the next 30 years, Dale's unique style, which blends abstract and real elements, earned him recognition as a sports illustrator and fine artist. He served as the official artist for the 1988 and 1998 Winter Olympics. Dale's versatile portfolio includes landscapes, florals, wildlife, and abstract paintings, making his work unique. Now residing in Armstrong, BC, with his loving wife Kelly, daughter Megan, and son Justin, Dale continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional talent. Dale's site:

Posted: 2024-07-04
Location: Armstrong , BC

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