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Jennifer Lawton - Artist

Public Service, Scams


William Howard Tue, 28 Feb, 11:10 (1 day ago) to me Hello There, How are you doing? My name is William Howard from Syracuse, New York. I have been on the lookout for some artworks lately in regards to me and my wife's anniversary which is just around the corner. I must admit you're doing quite an impressive job. You are undoubtedly good at what you do. With that being said, I would like to purchase some of your works as a surprise gift to my wife in honor of our upcoming wedding anniversary. it would be of help if you could send some pictures of your piece of work, with their respective prices and sizes, which are ready for immediate (or close to immediate) sales. My budget for this is within the price range of $500 to $5000. I look forward to hearing from you in order to know more about your pieces of inventory. 9708525460 Best regards, Mr. William


A direct message through FB from Laurel Smith. Ayy there.... Sorry for the random approach, I'm interested in buying your artwork as an NFT You sent An NFT? You can now call each other and see information such as Active Status and when you've read messages. Laurel Laurel Smith Yes You sent What does that mean? Laurel Laurel Smith Nft means non fungible token, in a very simple terms, Nfts are digital assets which compromises of different types or ideas of artworks, these assets are traded with crypto currencies and given greater value and are guided by smart contacts. Nfts are quite easy to make, It requires a well taken picture or painting, registering on an Nft market and minting your artworks. You sent No thank you. Fri 21:04 Laurel Laurel Smith Your works are amazing, It would be a shame if I don't get the desire sets of artworks that I'm interested when I stumble on your profile dear. You sent Again, no thank you

Posted: 2023-03-02
Location: Mississauga, ON

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