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Artists In Canada Interview: Paul Constable - Self Serving

Public Service, Notices

This conversation is about a response to an oil spill in the North Saskatchewan River in 2016. A political cartoon style in Paper Mache Sculpture was created to respond to a gallery Call for Entry to respond to the oil spill. This installation has a scenario where Reg and Ethyl (2 Gas Pumps) along with Squeeggee work on an island gas bar for the Self-Serving Company.

4 illustrated cartoon (zine) booklets were also created as a takeaway for those attending. They became the conversations between the 2 gas pumps about the oil spill in the community and along the river.

The sculpture was refused by the Public Art Gallery, cited as not in keeping with the curator's vision for the exhibition.

Self-Serving with Reg and Ethyl video on YouTube.

Since this happened, the Self-Serving installation has been shown publically numerous times to overwhelming reviews by attending audiences. People have taken selfies with Reg and Ethyl and they attended the Green Party AGM in Saskatoon.

Paul's Website

Posted: 2023-03-24
Location: Saskatoon, SK

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