Cards / Prints, Drawing, Figure, Illustrator, Installation, Painter, Photographer, Portraits, Printmaker, Sculptor

Vancouver, British Columbia

Tom Smith's drawings are subtle, understated works that contain elements of mystery, suspense, memory, and tranquility. It is the manner in which one or more of these elements are skilfully evoked that makes each piece special. Ducks gliding on silvery surfaces, flowers in full bloom at the height of their beauty, the ever changing mystery of sand and water in constant flux. These are but a few of his images. He takes us back into his memories. Portraits of family and friends are created with much love and admiration and Smith's portrait of his daughter is a study of innocence and vulnerability. An evocative artist, he creates striking images by means of an expert draughtsmanship. By balancing the precision of his graphite work, with the softness of coloured pencil and the layering of his glazing technique in the acrylic paintings Tom has achieved highly finished works of art, and leaves the viewer much to ponder and enjoy. Although primarily self taught, Tom Smith's background includes the Vancouver School of Art, a stint as an instructor in the Education Department at the University of British Columbia, and various exhibitions in and around Vancouver, B.C. where he was born in 1951. Tom has exhibited professionally since 1974.


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