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Yuksel Hassan

(Toronto, ON)

Painting, Painting, Acrylic, Landscape, Fantasy, Seascapes, nudes, nature

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts—University of Mimar Sinan in Istanbul, Türkiye. Lived in Toronto, Canada between 1971-2009;

Worked for Scholastic Canada Ltd., in Toronto between 1979-2009, first as Graphic Designer and later as Art Director.

Living and painting full time in Southampton, Ontario since 2009.

I paint my feelings while observing the movements and moods of the clouds.

Their reflections on Great Lakes and land help me to create these atmospheric images.

I call my style " Realism In Fantasy".

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North Light
Elora In My Dreams
Ode To Nature
...and God created Pomegranate
Sky Dome
Spirit Of The Flower Pot Island
Scarlet Wind