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Lawrie Dignan

(Pender Island, BC)

Drawing, Artisan, Drawing, Graphic Design, Graphic, Landscape, Pen & Ink, Landscape, Forest, Mountains, stylised landscape drawings

This self-taught artist has developed a distinctive style of pointillism that beautifully embodies the rugged regions of his native British Columbia. With technical virtuosity and sensitivity to the ever-shifting play of light, Dignan taps his knowledge of stained glass work and experience as a technical draftsman to craft whimsical pen and ink images of tree-lined mountains, valleys, and coastlines.The bold quality of line work contrasts marvelously with the soft hues of Dignan’s pointillism, achieved through an individualized selection of colors rather than the palette of primary colors used in traditional pointillism. "I use technical pens and acrylic inks to build colour depth and hue with more or less dot density." Lawrie works from his home studio on Pender Island.

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Relaxing Together
Blue Barns
Tree of Life
Looking Through Branches 9
Red Barn Shadows