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Sheyanne Bruyere Tripwire Media Group

(Winnipeg, MB)


Based in Winnipeg, Canada, Tripwire Media Group is a renowned corporate video company that offers its diverse clientele with entertaining and value-driven videos. The digital world necessities investing in powerful videos and animation that convey your brand story in the most engaging way possible. That’s where we step in. We combine our filmmaking expertise with your brand vision and create purposeful content. With a dedicated and talented pool of employees, we blend advertising and filmmaking to produce Video (Scripted or Unscripted), Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Video Strategy, Film Production, etc. Your business goals are at the center of all our efforts and are reflected through effective storytelling. We help you build a strong and meaningful connection with the audience and help you achieve organizational objectives. Transparency and customer satisfaction are our core principles, and we ensure the final product adheres to all your requirements and feedback. Our end-to-end process takes the burden off your shoulders by helping you interact with your target audience by developing a new strategy or making modifications to your existing strategy. For more details about our services, visit our site at &

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