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Painting, Painting, Printmaking, Landscape, Abstract, Abstract, Acrylic, Oil, Prints

Gunton, Manitoba

My artworks begin with a feeling from the elements of nature, wind, fire, water, earth, and the ethers.

I am close to the natural world and love to breathe the air of the outdoors. The colours of nature are fascinating to me, the blues of water, the many colours of the forest and rocks, the sky and the clouds. I feel how fragile the earth is but also the energy and power of it.

I feel the natural law and the creative process begins, substrate, mediums are chosen. Without reference I intuitively compose the textures and colours in many layers using spatula, palette knife and brush.

I want the viewer to visualize what they see in the artwork with their own creative minds eye and I listen to their stories with interest and happiness.




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