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Create your own Artistry Website. Basic Membership Included. (Saves you $50)

Posted: June 11, 2024

SAVE $50 Today! Free offline Trial.

Less Than $15 / month – $175 / 1Yr. (Includes Basic Membership $50 value)

Looking for a Canadian alternative for a Website and Hosting? Easy to use!


Artistry Website Builder. Includes a free Basic Membership, $50 value!

Times are definitely a challenge for artists, so take advantage of our Artistry Website Builder. We all know online is the future and a professional website is imperative for communication and maintaining your personal art presence. Social media is intended to drive people to your site and generate a following. Using Artistry enables you to keep all of your costs down. No more extra charges by website developers for making changes, adding images, and doing website updates for you. When we implement an upgrade or addition everyone receives it at no charge. You can even manage your website from your phone or iPad.


Your Artistry Website Includes a BASIC Membership at no cost.

If you are a professional or experienced artist you might want to look at the Artistry Website with ACTIVE Membership. (Includes 1 email) It also has a membership saving of $50.

(Hosting, Website Builder, Responsive Design, PayPal, Analytics, SEO, form email, newsletter platform – also includes a membership to promote and sell your art on Artists in Canada ($50 value), pay no commissions. SAMPLE



If you have questions you may contact me. 

Paul Constable, Director