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Due to a wide variety of options when advertising on Artists in Canada we advise that you contact us for a custom quote based on your campaign needs and budget. We find the click through effectiveness increases when we share your message on a number of our platforms. Target your message on our Home Page, Internal pages, Notice Board, Newsletter and our Social Media. Campaigns allow us to enrich your reach. If you are an Art related business you can become a member and use your membership to reach your audience for the full year. See MEMBERSHIPS for pricing.

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This is a great way to promote a show, sale or keep people aware of your work. Once your ad is designed, purchase time blocks and be shared immediately. Make changes to as often as you wish. You can stop and start ads at any time, never losing time when the ad is paused.
  • Easy to upload and customize
  • Automatic thumbnails
  • Stop and start at any time
  • One Year Basic Members choose a local region to share their ad
  • Active and Premium Members are shared nationally automatically
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